Unit 8: “Venus” | Synopsis & Treatment


A visual representation of the different types of love according to the ancient greeks, it starts with the usual boy meets girl and then it follows as their love develops from friendship (Philia), having fun (ludus), intimacy (eros), but you can’t forget to give yourself a bit self-love (philautical), but in the end love is unexpected, anything can happen.


  1. The film starts with a person wearing ripped black jeans walking, you can only see their legs as the person walks out of the screen, it transitions to a black screen saying “VENUS” and in each letter, a clip plays. In the “V” you can see the person walking past with a fountain in the background. In the “E” they are smoking, the “N” is a close up of the hands, the “U” it’s a shot of a plant and the “S” you can’t quite make out what it is but it’s a shot of the outside of a cafe, as it cuts to the next scene, a record player starts playing.
  2. The title becomes a solid white and in the background you can see a coffee machine and a woman pouring hot water into a cup. At the same time, the words “a Dalia Rodriguez production” show up in the bottom right corner of the screen and an old French song starts playing. It’s “Les Feuilles Mortes” by Yves Montand.
  3. A close up of a hand holding a black pen and messing with it, almost as if it’s thinking of what to write, for a brief second the hand starts picking at its nails and then starts writing on the notebook.
  4. Then a bunch of bright red fairy lights are seen on the ground.
  5. The scene transitions into an extreme close up of a boy wearing mental framed glasses holding a book covering a part of his face, he looks focused on the book.
  6. It cuts to a girl with wavy neck length bob, she is wearing thick rimmed glasses, she is looking down at her notebook, for a brief second you can see she looks up.
  7. It cuts to a more extreme close up of the boy, all you can see are his eyes, he makes eye contact and smiles and then looks back to the book.
  8. Now it goes back to the girl, she is partially hiding behind her hair but she smiles, looking embarrassed and trying not to look and just focuses on her writing, eventually she gives in and looks up.
  9. You can see the boy again, he is hiding behind the book, smiling, looking back and forth between the book and the girl, he looks embarrassed.
  10. It is shown on screen, an extreme close up of the girl, you can only see her eyes, she looks up and hides behind her notebook. As it cuts to black, the music fades and you can hear a beat followed by what it looks like a voice message.
  11. Throughout the voicemail, a black screen can be scene and as the message ends, the music comes back and on the screen it shows “To Be Continued”.
  12. The film moves on the the other chapter, it first starts with a black screen and again, a beep can be heard and another voice mail starts.
  13. As the phone call ends, the word EROS shows up on the screen and soft music starts playing.
  14. A shot of the light pink bedsheets pans to the right as the music carries on.
  15. The scene transitions into a close up of an empty bottle of JD with red crucifix pendant around it and a bouquet of baby’s breath inside the bottle, in the same shot you can see an empty and an old fashioned Fuji camera.
  16. It cuts to a shot of the same boy from before, his hand briefly touches his chin and then he smacks his lips together and softly smiling at someone off camera.
  17. The girl from before is now in the scene, she is facing the left, she looks down and looks like she is talking.
  18. A quick cutaway of the boy moving his hands about while sitting down in what we assume it’s a bed.
  19. It then cuts to the girl’s hand messing with her ripped jeans.
  20. A pan up going from a close up of the girl sitting down (you can see a silhouette of the boy sitting in front of her), at first you can only see their legs, her and rests on her leg, the camera pans up and then her face is reveal, she is talking.
  21. The camera films the two from an awkward over the shoulder angle, the pair are talking and having a laugh.
  22. The scenes cuts to a shot of the two, the boy is still sat down, now the girl is half laying down, they are playing with teddy bears.
  23. It then cuts to a close up of the pair sharing a kiss. It cuts to black.
  24. The word “PHILAUTICAL” comes on a black screen, and as the word shows up a beep sound is heard which, again, is followed by a voicemail.
  25. Clothes lay on the floor, the camera pans up to reveal a bathtub and a song starts softly playing.
  26. A close up of the boy, he is in the bathtub, the camera follows as his hands travel down his legs into the yellow-greenish tinted water.
  27. As the song grows louder and the singer starts to sing, it is shown that the boy is submerging under water.
  28. The scene turns into the same boy, now he is hugging his knees and then he rests his head on his knees.
  29. The voice message stops and you can see a wall full of posters and photos.
  30. A shot of the boy sat in his bed reading a book, the camera pans to the right and as the scene ends, you can hear another beep and another voicemail starts.
  31. Now you can see the boy smoking, the camera follows his moves, it then cuts to black. The music fades and as the screen goes black the voicemail stops.
  32. “MANIA” comes on screen and an impact sound it’s heard.
  33. This part of the film is very fast paced, each scene lasts a split second, it starts with a close up of a phone laying in the bed, it’s on the messenger app, the ellipsis that show when someone is typing is in focus, it quickly cuts to the boy briefly touching neck, clearly worried.
  34. Then it follows a series of extreme closes up, from a fidget cube to the boy tapping his leg with his hand, biting his nails and then back to the phone, then the him messing with the fidget cube, then it cuts to the boy looking at camera, his pupil dilating as light shines on his eyes. It goes back to the fidget cube and then he starts messing with his nails, he starts cracking his knuckles, back to the phone, then another extreme close up of his eyes. A scene of the girl n a shopping trolley getting pushed by boy flashes inbetween the scene, then the boy looks at his phone and start messing with his hair, he starts tapping his leg again, biting his nails, messing with his nails and cracks his knuckles again. It goes back to the phone where now the ellipsis disappeared as the boy quickly picks up the phone and it cuts to black.
  35. The word VENUS shows up on a black screen.
  36. It fades in to a pair of hands rolling a cigarette.
  37. It cuts to a shot of location, you can’t quite make out what it is as it’s quite zoomed in but you can see leafs and a building in the distance.
  38. A cracked floor outside with weeds.
  39. Now you can see that it’s the boy that is rolling the cigarette.
  40. Cutaway to a bright blue building.
  41. The cigarette is lit and you can see he is also holding his phone, he flicks the cigarette and brings it up as the camera follows, he takes a drag and exhales, and then does it again as it cuts to another scene.
  42. It cuts to a shot of a cigarette butt on a small puddle of water, on the floor.
  43. Now the boy is on phone, walking around waiting for the person to pick up and you can hear the sounds from the phone.
  44. The boy looks distressed as the phone doesn’t seem to get through. The camera pans to the phone and back as he tries to call again. It cuts to black screen. Beeping sounds and as it cuts to black, you can hear the sound it makes when someone hangs up.

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