Unit 8: Venus | Shot List

Production: VENUS

Shot Number Visuals Sound Information Additional Information


CA. Main character walking, you can only see their legs. Ambient sounds


TITLE saying VENUS, each letter shows a different clip of the main character but also locations. In the “V” you can see the character walking past with a fountain in the background. In the E she is smoking, the N is a close up of the hands, the U it’s a shot of a plant and the S you can’t quite make out what it is but it’s a shot of the outside of a cafe.


Record player starts playing.






 3 The title becomes a solid white and in the background you can see a MS of a coffee machine and a woman putting hot water into a cup. The words “a Dalia Rodriguez production” show up in the bottom right corner.


 An old French song starts playing. It’s “Les Feuilles Mortes” by Yves Montand.
4 CU. Hands playing with a pen and holding a notebook and then starts writing. Song carries on.
5 CU. Red fairy lights on the ground.  ” “
6 ECU. A boy reading a book.
7 MCU. The main character focusing on writing in her notebook.
8 ECU. Eyes of the boy noticing the main character. He smiles.
9 MCU. Main character smiling trying not to look (still looking at her notebook) then she looks up.
10 ECU. Boy hiding behind the book, smiling, looking back and forth between the book and the girl.
11 ECU. Main character looking up and then hiding behind her notebook. Cuts to black.  As the scene ends, the music fades.
12 BLACK SCREEN. As the music comes back on the screen it shows “To Be Continued”  Phone call and then as the phone call ends, the music comes back up.
13 BLACK SCREEN  Another phone call.
14 The words EROS come on screen.  As the phone call ends, the title shows up and soft music starts playing.


A CU of bedsheets pans to the right.  Music carries on.


A CU of an empty bottle of JD with flowers and perfume and an old fashioned camera pans up.  “”
17 MCU of boy smiling  “
18 CU of main character laughing
19 CU hands waving around
20 XCU a hand messing with ripped jeans.
21 CU pans up of main character sitting down on the bed and talking, smiling
22 Over the shoulder. Characters laughing.
23 MS. You can see both characters are sitting/laying down in bed talking and messing with teddy bears
24 CU. Kiss. Fades to black  Music fades out
25 The words Philautical come on a black screen A beep sound as the words show up which turns into a voicemail
26 Pan up. Clothes on the floor  A song starts softly playing
27 CU Boy in the bathtub
28 CU. Boy submerging under water.  Song grows louder and you can hear the singer started singing.
29 CU. Boy hugging his knees.
30 POV. Character’s room. Voice mail stops. Music increases.
31 Pan to the right. MS Character sat in bed reading a book.  At the end of this scene, you can hear another beep and another voicemail starts
32 XCU. Character smoking. Cuts to black  Music fades and as the screen goes black the voicemail stops.
33 “MANIA” comes on screen.  Impact sound effect as the title comes up.
34 CU. Phone on messenger and you can see ellipsis.
35 CU. Character touching his neck.
36 XCU. Fidget cube
37 XCU. Tapping leg
38 XCU. Biting nails
39 XCU. Phone
40 XCU. Fidget cube.
41 CU. Character looking at camera, pupil dilating
42 XCU. Fidget cube
43 XCU. Messing with nails.
44 XCU. Cracking knuckles.
45 XCU. Phone
46 XCU. Eyes
47 WS. Flashbacks. Main character in a shopping trolley getting pushed by boy.
48 XCU. Character looking at phone messing with his hair
49 XCU. Tapping
50 XCU. Biting nails
51 XCU. Messing with nails
52 XCU. Cracking knuckles.
53 XCU. Phone. The ellipsis disappear as the character quickly picks up the phone and it cuts to black
54 The word VENUS shows up on a black screen.
55 Fade in. CU. Hands rolling a cigarette.
56 CA. Location
57 CA. A cracked floor outside with weeds.
58 XCU. You can now see that it’s the boy he is rolling the cigarette.
59 CA. Blue building
60 CU. Now the cigarette is lit and you can see he is also holding his phone, he flicks the cigarette and brings it up as the camera follows, he takes a drag and exhales, and then does it again as it cuts to another scene.
61 CA. Cigarette butt on the floor, on a small puddle of water.
62 MS. Character on the phone, walking around waiting for the person to pick up. Beeping sounds
63 CU, the boy looks distressed as the phone doesn’t seem to get through. The camera pans to the phone and back as he tries to call again. It cuts to black screen Beeping sounds and as it cuts to black, you can hear the sound it makes when someone hangs up.



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