Unit 8: “Venus” | The Reason why there is no Script

For this project I wanted to try something different, last time I did a short film, I followed all the “rules”, I did an 8 page script and followed it. This time since I wasn’t exactly too sure about how the film would turn out and I wanted it to be experimental, I wanted to follow the art logic and go with things so instead of having a script, I had notes of how I wanted the film to look, the concept, colours and I had sort of “guidelines” for what I wanted to do in each type of love but they were nothing more than guidelines because when it came to actual filming, many things were changed on the spot.

The below image is a photo from my notebook and my original ideas for what I wanted the film to look like, the parts that are blank is because I couldn’t think of anything as I cut down my idea to using two actors rather than one couple for each type of love, so I decided to cut the Agape/Storge/Pragma types of love.


After that it was when I did the mood boards to back up these ideas. [x]

After I had filmed the first scenes, I decided to write a slightly more in depth version.

While filming Philia, I ended up following no logic and eventually after editing it was cut off from the final cut.

Ludus was filmed exactly like I wrote it but the problem with filming at night is that the camera malfunctions and it becomes grainy if you don’t have a good enough camera/lens so it didn’t make the final cut.

Eros I filmed it twice so I had a lot of footage to work from and it didn’t 100% follow what I wrote down but a big part of it does.

Shortly after, I wrote down a rough script/treatment for the starts so I had a better idea of what was going on and didn’t have time to finish it.

Lastly, while editing, I did a couple of rough notes on how I wanted the final cut to look like, with a mini script for voice over and whatnot.

In conclusion, this year I got to experiment with both not having a script and having one and in the future I will be using both: I’ll write a script but still have little notes like this because they do help.


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