Unit 8: Venus |Research – Editing, Camera & Music


Originally I was going to use music made by a friend of mine but in the end he couldn’t manage to create any music for it so I had to turn to royalty free/no copyright music that I found on youtube as well as a song from 1945, which under the current act of Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 it states that a song looses its copyright after 70 years so I can use any song made/released before 1947,


I used my Nikon D3300 with the standard 18-55mm lens and the 55-200mm lens, for a lot of the close ups I used the 55-200mm lens to add that blurred background/bokeh effect. For a lot of the scenes we also used my friend’s camera (she helped me film it), which is a Canon 80D with the Sigma 35mm f1.4A lens.


I watched a lot of youtube videos to help me learn more Premiere and how to edit things more effectively and from watching those videos, I experimented a lot with the editing, as one of the main things about arthouse cinema is how innovative and out there it is, this includes experimental camera work and editing.

This is a playlist I did for the project of music, clips from films that have inspired me for this short film. In a previous post I have mentioned some of these clips and how they have inspired me, or how I would like to recreate some.


How I achieved this

I tried to copy these different scenes/shots instead I followed a similar style or used similar colours:

For the EROS part of the film, I said I wanted to follow a similar concept to Sabrina Claudio’s music video for Confidently Lost because I saw it as the perfect way to show intimacy without being graphic, the atmosphere simply suggests it. I didn’t do it exactly like this but somewhat similar.



I also said how much I like Nymphomaniac’s style of editing and how they told a story with cutouts, I didn’t exactly do this but I tried to take inspiration from it for the title of the film and the same quick-paced editing.



I also used the “Title style” from Paris is Burning. (example below)


The other inspiration was the drug scenes from Requiem for a Dream.


Another thing that I wanted to use in the film was a close up of pupils dilating, when we tried to do that it didn’t go as planned but I still managed to use something from it.

The other thing that I really wanted to use for this film was the concept from Blue is the warmest colour of two people meeting each other randomly in a street, in my case I used a cafe which was inspired by another film scene, I love the “love at first sight” concept so I mixed the BITWC scene with the other film scene that I wanted to use (Le Belle Personne) 

(Blue is the warmest colour)

(La Belle Personne)


In the scene from Le Belle Personne, in the background it’s playing “Elle Etait si Jolie” sang by Alain Barriere which was the French 1963 Eurovision entry. Instead of using that song, because it would be copying and the song is still copyrighted as it’s not older than 70 years, I tried to find a song in the same style, I ended up finding Les Feuilles Mortes sang by Yves Montand which is a 1945 song so it has lost its copyright therefore I can use it, the song has a very old feel and I added a record player effect to it so it sounded like it was playing maybe in a jukebox or record player in the cafe (similar to the scene from Le Belle Personne).

The last thing I wanted to use was another scene from Blue is the warmest colour, which is the first kiss scene, I love the style of shots, the close ups but instead of recreating the scene I just used similar cinematography throughout the film. I did shot a park scene but I only used part of it.



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