Unit 8: Daily Reflections |June 6th

I have been forgetting to do my daily reflections, but over half-term I finalised filming for this project as well as finished some research posts that I had to do.

The deadline is this Friday and I realised I still have quite a lot to do, I started this project so organised and trying to do so much and I still haven’t gotten around to doing anything.

This is the schedule I did for the first half of the week:

When I did this I forgot that my classmate asked me to be in his project so today I lost half of the class helping him, so instead of doing the pre-production bits I didn’t finish, I decided to get on with the editing. I edited a good 60% of it and then right at the end I decided to change some things which I will do tomorrow. (I’m staying in college to finish the editing)

The next session is on Thursday, but like I mentioned before I will come in college tomorrow to try and finish all the editing for the film and then on Thursday all I have to do is voice over and add music.

Tonight I will try to finish everything I had planned to do on Monday.

And then on Friday do all the pre-production paperwork it said to do on Tuesday, plus do a post to talk about the music of the film and do a focus group and evaluation!


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