Unit 8: Daily Reflections |May 12th

Things I did: Research about trans people in the media. Organise what I have left to do, more research about arthouse/indie films. I finalised my idea for the film, before I didn’t know what to do for all the types of love, while talking to my friend Linta we came up with ideas together and realised that portraying in film all different types of love is hard so instead I’m only doing Philia, ludus, eros, philautical, and mania. And I’m leaving it on an open ending. I also did the questionnaire data thing

Next session, I’m going to do all the risk assessments, shot list, location recces, and re do the schedule and try to do the treatment as well. After the treatment is done I will do a script. Another thing I’m going to try to do is a focus group.

Also I’m filming the “Philia” and “Eros” part of the film on Sunday, the 14th.


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