Unit 8: “VENUS” First Day of Filming (07.05.2017)

Tomorrow, Sunday the 7th of May, it will be my first day of filming for this project. Originally I was going to film the 1st scene and the two first types of love whicu are ludus and philia, but due to locations and staff not being able to make it, I decided to film what I was going to film next week tomorrow. 

Above it’s a schedule I did for tomorrow. 

Also I called the Nexus Art Cafe (phone number: 0161 236 0100) to ask for permission to film a scene for a non-profit short film for about 15-30 minutes. They said as long as I only film people who are willing to be in the film then it’s no bother and that I can do it.

I will also be doing a small photoshoot for 1 hour around Manchester for the short film.


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