Unit 8: Vox Pops

Today, I decided to go around college and ask some people questions. I asked 3 questions: “What is love to you?”, “Do you know what arthouse films are?” and “When you hear the word “Venus” what comes to mind?”.

I interviewed roughly around 10 people, unfortunately the audio files did not save properly so I can’t use the content! It is very unfortunate because a lot of people gave great answers, a lot of them were essentially similar to each other but some of them stood out and were very different and complex. The conclusion I came to was love is a very broad term and it means different things to different people, most people didn’t know what to answer and associated love with romantic love. 

The majority of people I interviewed did not know what an arthouse film was, only one person knew and they described it as an artistic expression that allows the director to do what they want outside the mainstream media and still showcase it, it’s also mainly indepedent. 

To the question “When you hear the word “Venus” what comes to mind?” A lot of people simply said the planet, others associated with love and aesthetic or women. Some said it reminded them of the shaving/razor brand.


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