Unit 8: Questionnaires & Results

V E N U S Questionnaire

I printed 20 questionnaires, but I only got 18 back the other two went missing, so analysed the data from the results that I got back.




One of the questions I asked in the questionnaires was “What is love to you?” and “In your opinion, how many types of love is there?”, here are some of the answers people gave:

  • “Some one or something that has a special significance to you” & “Family love, friendship, animal love” – 18-21 F
  • “Caring and having positive feelings for someone” & “Friendship, relationships, family” – Under 18 M
  • “Nothing” & “2, family/friend love and romantic love”
  • “Many things to be honest” & “Real, fake, unsurity” – Under 18 M
  • “The feeling you get inside when you look/think about someone you really care about.” & “Family, friends, romantic” – Under 18 M
  • “Caring for the ones you treasure” & “A love for God & Religion. A love for family & friends & partner. A love for things you’re passionate about”- 18-21 F
  • “Being truly content? And comfortable around other people” & “So many, on a very large spectrum” – Under 18 M
  • “Kpop & BTS’s Jungkook. Family & Friends” & “Family love. Spiritual love. Material love.” – Under 18 F
  • “Bare is love” & “True love” – 18-21 M
  • “A strong feeling you get when you see something or someone” & “Family, friends, objects, and relationship.” – 18-21 F
  • “♥ it’s all about feeling, being comfortable to each other, caring.” & “Friends, family, lover, neighbour, friends with benefits” – 18-21 M
  • “Caring” & “Parental. Sibling. Relationship” – Under 18 Unspecified
  • “I don’t know yet, waiting on it” & “temp” – 18-21 M
  • “Having a best friend you shag and have fun with and smile when you think of them” & “What?” – Under 18 F
  • “I don’t know” & “Friendship, family, relationship.” – 18-21 F
  • “Someone who likes you just the way you are and tries to make you smile and puts you first before impressing their friends” & “friendship, relationship, family.” – 18-21 F
  • “Love is personal to every individual, it depends on what kind of love. Food is love ♥” & “Romantic love. Platonic love. Family love. Friendship love. Material love, spiritual love” – 18-21 F


On another occasion I also asked people to write down on a piece of paper what was love to them, here are their answers:


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