Unit 8: Initial Ideas


The first idea that I had was to do an arthouse inspired series of short films, essentially it would be 8 shorts films about 1-2 minute long that would all come together as one. It would be about the 8 types of love according to the ancient Greeks: Storge, Philia, Ludus, Mania, Pragma, Eros, Philautical and Agape. After a lot of thought I thought that instead of making 8 separate films, with different characters just choose one couple and have them go through these “stages” of different types of love. The film would be very visual oriented, like arthouse movies usually are.



The second idea that I had was to do a “buzzfeed” style video, in a way it’s like a documentary, about breaking the gender binary and gender roles. I wanted to put two people in a studio, a male and female, and make them represent by clothes and actions their gender and then swapping them and in a very visual way make people question what makes you your “gender”.


The final and third idea that I had was to do a photoshoot with a magazine article about, but the main focus point would be the photoshoot, and the title would be “What is beauty?” a similar concept to the question many people ask on “what is art?”. I wanted to mix both concept and question beauty and art. To achieve this, I’d use a different range of people from all different backgrounds.


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