Unit 8: “Venus” | Schedule

Week 1 (April 17th to 23rd)

Do response to the brief, start powerpoint, mood boards and mind maps. Choose a final idea. Put together all the ideas that I did over half term.

Week 2 (April 24th to 30th)

Finalise anything from last week, questionnaires, carry out more research.

Week 3 (May 1st to 7th)

Make sure everything is done (research, powerpoint, etc.); start pre-production. Do a focus group and start filming. Every Sunday is filming day, two different types of love each week. This week will be “Philia” and “Ludus” and also shoot the opening scene.

Week 4 (May 8th to 14th)

Finalise anything that needs to be finished, like pre-production or research. Start editing the footage from the previous week. Film “Mania” and “Philautical”.

Week 5 (May 15th to 21st)

Editing, and film “Agape” & “Storge”

Week 6 (May 22nd to 28th)

Edit and film the last two segments of my short film which are “Eros” and “Pragma”. Finish editing everything, write evaluation.

Week 7 (May 29th to June 4th)

Finalise everything

Week 8 (June 5th to 11th)

FINAL WEEK!! Deadline: 9th June End of year show: June 19th)


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