Unit 8: “Venus” | Research: Questionnaires Part 1

Before making any decisions for my project, one of the challenges I faced was with casting. It’s a tough job to get people to be in short film, specially at this time of the year when all the performing arts/drama students are busy with their own things, so I decided that maybe I should be in the short film, acting as well as directing. When mentioning this to a classmate, he said it was a terrible idea that it was nearly impossible too. After that, I asked Sean (the student teacher in our class) about it and he gave me some good advice and unbiased opinion about it, because he has done it before and admitted it was very hard but after talking for a while, we came to the conclusion that it wasn’t that bad of an idea.

To get a more conclusive, un-biased opinion to make a better decision, I went around the classroom and asked 11 other people about it.

8 out of those 11 said yes, that it was a good idea. Many said that since I’m creating it and directing it, no one knows better what I want then me. Out of those 8, one of them always stars in their own films/projects. Only two people said no (the classmate that I mentioned above) and another classmate who said that by staring in my own film it doesn’t show any professionalism and it shows lack of confidence because I’m not casting anyone for my project.

The remaining two had mixed emotions about it, one of them stared in his own short film and it didn’t go too well so he admitted it was a lot of hard work but with planning, it’s doable.


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