Unit 8: Daily Reflections |April 20th

April 20th

What have you done today to move forward in your project?


Today I reviewed everything I did during half term, and read the brief to organise what I had to do and how much time I had. I also started thinking about who is going to star in the project and came to conclusions with the help of classmates.

Skills it involved (e.g. research, filming, interviews etc)

Interviewing and research by doing a tally of how many people disagreed or agreed with me staring in my own film and listening to their opinions about it. I also developed my organisation and planning skills by starting to create a schedule for the next 7 weeks.


Things that went well and what it has helped me to achieve

I got to plan what I’m doing and that will help me achieve a better outcome, more efficiently.

Things I could improve are:

I could have done more in this lesson then I did.

How has this helped the outcome for your project?

It helped me with decision making and expanding my ideas.

Smart Target for next session:

  1. Finalise research on art house films and other inspirations.
  2. Create moodboards

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