Unit 7: Tuesday’s work (07.03.17)

On Tuesday we did a couple of tasks about magazines, the first one was to think of logos based on size and type of font, colour and judge the audience of the magazine based on the logo only.

Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 09.50.52

The second task was to label a double page spread with the correct terms.

Double page spread

The third task was to label and talk about the differences between an interactive and non-interactive magazine. Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 21.13.51

Strap Line – The subsidiary heading gives the audience some expectations to look forward to. If the magazine wins an award that year, the strap line will say what the award is like “Magazine of the year” or “UK’s No. 1 Film Magazine”. But when it doesn’t, it usually says topics that the magazine features.

Cover Shot – This is the main picture of the cover. The cover shot tells a lot about the magazine issues and its cover lines. As a film magazine, the cover shot will be of a film that just came out or is very popular. In this issue, it features Bell and the Beast.

Tag Line – This is a small amount of words captioned to make more sense of the magazine’s cover lines, shots and strap-line.

Main Cover Line – It is usually printed across the cover shot or below the cover shot.

Bar-Code –  A range of numeric data which gives the magazine its unique identity amongst other issues or products, it also holds the price of the magazine.

Masthead – The main title of the magazine, like the name suggest mast, it is the centre of the magazine. In cases like “Total Magazine”, it’s a very famous magazine so they can put the cover shot over one letter because the masthead is so iconic even if one letter is missing, the audience still knows what the magazine is. With Total Magazine, the logo is very unique as “Total” is transparent and it shows the background and it stands out from the white letters that says “Film”. It’s bold and iconic.

Direct Mode of Address – This shows the main picture’s facial expression. Here, Belle has a direct mode of addressing the audience. It’s dreamy and it represents the film, but also Belle looks independent which is a big  part of the film.

Cover Lines – This are small story lines or caption lines that accompany the cover shot.

Sell Lines – The selling point of the magazine, usually like an “extra” of the magazine. This tells the audience about what the magazine is really about, in a way.

How could this magazine front cover be made interactive?

  • Things like barcodes are not necessary but it could be replace with QR Codes instead to send people to another website or to buy something.
  • The text on the magazine could be animated.
  • The cover image could also be animated, in this cover it’s Belle and the Beast, Belle and the Beast could come in separately from each side.
  • The cover, tag, strap, sell lines could be buttons to a page of the magazine related to what it says.
  • Put buttons to slide to other pages.

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