Unit 5 & 6: “Inside the Box” Shot List

Shot Number Visuals Sound Information Additional Information
1 “Inside the Box” appears on screen. CA. Newton’s cradle. “a Dalia Rodriguez film” shows on screen followed by “March 6th 2017”  Background music: Adam Contest by David Fesliyan morphs into:
2  MCU. Dr. Nadira Pavlova writing down on her notebook. Looking at Alec.  Chopin – Nocturne No. 20 in C-Sharp Minor Op. Posth
3 MCU. Alec looking annoyed. MCU. Nadira looking at Alec and back to MCU of Alec.
4  CA. Rain and window. MCU Alec — happier. CU Nadira engaging in the conversation.
5 MS. Nadira walking towards a door, Alec opens it and she walks in.
6  MS. Alec opens the door, she goes in looks around. CU Alec’s reaction — attacks her. Cuts to black. Music stops.
7  CU. Alec’s face under his hat. MCU Nadira on the floor, waking up. CU Alec crouching down. Over the shoulder. Alec looking at Nadira while she gets up. Slowly Panic Man by David Fesliyan starts playing.

Sound of heartbeat faintly in the background

 8 MCU Alec reading. MS Nadira looking at Alec, back to Alec’s shot then back to Nadira. As each scene goes the sound of the heartbeat intensifies
 9 MS. Alec getting up, throws the book. CA Book.
10 CU. Nadira untying herself slowly. MCU Alec against a door, ped up to the right, he notices and the camera follows as he goes towards her.
 11  Handheld camera. Alec starts tying her up, she struggles, he throws her back then slaps her. Between those two shots, CU of Nadira looking at Alec.
 12  CU Alec almost hitting her again then he walks away. MCU Alec hitting a wooden door.
 13 Canted shot going up showing Nadira holding her knees, looking at the floor.
 14  Cut-in Alec holding a cup of pasta then feeding it to a hungry Nadira.
15  MS. Alec holding to his hat, slowly going crazy. Cutaway of Nadira talking to him. Back to Alec as he snaps, knocks over a chair and walks towards Nadira.
 16  (Fast paced) Alec struggles and it cuts to Nadira on the floor, presumably dead. Camera pan up to Alec as he backs away.
 17 MCU. Various shot of Alec loosing it. Heart intensifies, loud and quick.
 18 CU. Alec staring past camera. It pans out to show he is holding Nadira. Music stops.
 19 Cut to MS to Alec walking up to a house. CU Alec standing in front of the door, he knocks.
20  CA Woman looking out the window, she clicks a button to open the door.
 21 MS. Alec looking inside the box and closing it. Door opens. Cut to MS Alec handing the box to the woman. She looks confused and closes the door.
 22  CU. Alec walking away into the distance. Camera goes blurry as he walks away.
 23  MS Woman walking inside, she opens the door. Cut to CU of her covering her mouth with her hands.
 24 CA of the box on the ground, it pans to a note that fell out of it, the note reads “I’m sorry” the black borders slowly closing in.
25 Credits  Chopin – Nocturne No. 20 in C-Sharp Minor Op. Posth

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