Unit 5 1. : “Inside the Box” Treatment


  1. “Inside the Box” shows on screens, it flickers for a few second and disappears to show a close up shot of a Newton’s Cradle, a hand starts the device as the screen reads “a Dalia Rodriguez Film” and then “March 6th 2017”. A mysterious music plays, as it goes to the other scene Nocturne No. 20 in C-Sharp Minor by Chopin starts playing.
  2. The camera focuses on Dr Nadira Pavlova, writing on her notebook and then it pans up to show her face while she looks at her patient with an expressionless face. Close up of Alec, sat in the sofa, head against the sofa, looking bored and annoyed at the questions. Followed by another close up of Nadira’s face, she raises one eyebrow while looking at Alec, then it goes to Alec’s annoyed reactions at her invasive questions. (Dialogue not present in video)
  3. Cutaway of a window, it’s raining outside. Alec appears on screen, this time he is not as defensive, he looks relaxed and happier. BCU of Nadira smiling and listening to Alec.
  4. (MS) Nadira goes to his house for a house call therapy session. You can see her standing in front of the door and then she knocks. Alec opens the door, looking disturbed, he is hiding an old iron behind his back but Nadira doesn’t seem to see this, she frowns but ignores it and goes inside the house.
  5. (MS) Alec opens the door, iron still in hand, Nadira enthusiastically goes inside, she looks around. Close up of Alec looking disturbed, suddenly his face grows angry and he swings the iron and it cuts to black. The background music stops abruptly.
  6. Close up of Alec’s dark face hidden by his hat, he is chewing.
  7. Nadira is on the floor tied up, blood dripping down her face. The camera is blurs to show how her vision is blurry and she’s confused. She stands up slowly and then he it shows Alec’s reaction, he looks serious, angry and calculating, he looks at her and slowly crouched down to meet her.
  8. An over the shoulder shot shows Alec looking at Nadira as she stands up. An intense suspenseful song starts playing, you can hear a clock ticking.
  9. Close up shows Alec reading “Me before you” to Nadira, as he reads he occasionally looks at her, his face growing more annoyed by the second. It changes from Nadira’s reaction to his. Until he snaps and stands up, as he stands up the scene cuts to a wide shot of Alec standing in front of Nadira who is on the floor tied up, he throws the book at her but it doesn’t hit her, it falls next to her. Her reaction is minimal. The music grows more intense, a faint heartbeat can be heard and it grows louder as the film progresses.
  10. Cutaway to a close up of the book that fell on the ground.
  11. It morphs to a close up of Nadira’s hand trying to slowly make her hand free of the ties, to possibly escape.
  12. Close up of Alec standing against the door, he looks distracted not looking at Nadira, it pans to the right as he notices her. As he notices her, he looks annoyed and goes towards her. (Handheld camera) He tries to tie her up, she struggles, so he throws her back, and then slaps her.
  13. Alec is looking at Nadira he goes to hit her one more time, but stops, he realises what he is doing and walks away and punches a wooded door.
  14. A canted shot slowly going up to focus on Nadira, she is hugging her knees, staring at the floor.
  15. Alec is holding a cup of pasta, slowly feeding it to Nadira, she hungrily bites.
  16. An argument occurs and you can see Nadira with her usual poker face, talking calmly as Alec looses his mind and starts throwing a tantrum, the video first shows Alec sat on a chair, holding onto his hat, he snaps and throws a chair to the floor as  you can see Nadira’s calmly talking. Alec goes towards her and attacks her, the video cuts quickly between scenes.
  17. The scene shows Nadira on the floor, presumably dead as Alec backs away. The music stops.
  18. The heartbeat becomes stronger and quicker, various shots of Alec going mad.
  19. It then cuts to Alec looking disturbed right past the camera, it pans out and you can see him holding Nadira. It cuts to the next scene.
  20. Alec walks up to a house, holding a cardboard box (MS to WS)
  21. Close up of Alec standing in front of the door, he knocks and from the window you can see a woman looking outside and opening the door as he waits, he looks inside the box and closes it again. The door opens and a woman comes out, he hands her the box and walks away, she looks confused but closes the door.
  22. Close up of Alec walking away into the distance as the camera becomes blurry.
  23. The woman is now inside the building, she slowly opens the already opened box and drops it to the floor, it cuts to a close up of her putting her hands over her mouth in shock.
  24. Shot of the box on the ground, it pans to a note that fell out of it, the note reads “I’m sorry” the black borders slowly closing in.
  25. Cuts to Credits.


(based on the final cut of the short film, not the script)


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