Inside the Box: About the Characters (Not Completed)


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Name: Alec
Name meaning: Alec is the Scottish form of Alex which is short form of Alexander, meaning “defender or helper of mankind”. In Australian, it’s slang for “a stupid person” and is an anagram for Cael which is an angel. I was going for irony.
Nicknames: None
Age: 24
How old s/he appears: 21
Birthdate: 1992.08.13
Zodiac: Leo
Element: Fire
Nationality/Race: White British
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Dark hair
Skin: Pale
Body type: Underweight
Height: 6’1 50kg
Health: Bad from the irregular eating, a lot of smoking and alcohol, a habit that he picked up from his dad.
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Physical limitations: Because of all the smoking his lung capacity gets worst as time passes.
Physical advantages: He is tall and even tho he is quite skinny he has a lot of strength.
Clothing/accessories: He doesn’t care that much about clothing but is not the messy type, he wears plain dark clothing, anything that hides his face like sunglasses or baseball caps is what he usually wears.

Mother: Has never met his mom.
Father: Alcoholic but he tries his best, after Alec turned 18 his father said he couldn’t take care of him any longer that it’s been really hard to keep it together to be a good father so he gave him all the money he had left, left him the house and never came back.
Siblings: None
Birth order: —
Pets: Rescued a dog when he was 19 and he recently died, he was called Jigsaw.
Close friends: Doesn’t have a lot of close friends.
Acquaintances: The closest he has to a friend is his neighbour who is an old woman who checks up on him once in a while and brings him food, he also every day after work sits down with a homeless man he befriended to talk and gives him food. According to him is easy to talk with strangers and people in misery then others.
Nemeses: Everyone that seems to content with their life and successful.
Significant other: Has never had a significant other.
Other relevant people: —
Liked or disliked?: In general people are too scared to talk to him.

Schooling: He went to high school and barely got through college and then decided to just work part time at a cafe.
Hobbies: Reading, camping and killing people.
Skilled at: Surviving
Unskilled at: Emotions; Communicating
Trait s/he wishes s/he had: Normality

Temperament: Melancholic-Choleric
Attitude: Overly logical to the point where it annoys other people. Anti-Social.
Priorities: Himself
Philosophy: “The pure and simple truth is rarely pure and never simple” – Oscar Wilde
Bad habits: Smoking, killing people, thinking he can “cleanse” society,
Proud of:
Embarrassed by:
Angered by:
Calmed by:
Most at ease when:
Ill at east when:
Soft spot: Miserable people, depressed people in bad situations

In a crisis:
Under pressure:
In awkward social situations:
Can s/he keep a secret?:
Independent or needy?:
People are inherently…:
Spiritual beliefs:
Day or night?:
Pessimist or optimist?: Pessimist
Big picture or small details?:

Important events in life:
Short-term goals/hopes:
Long-term goals/hopes:
How s/he feels about self:

The actor playing Alec asked me a few questions:

  1. Why does the psychiatrist want to save people? In part is greed, she is very ambitious she wants it all. Her need to help people came from childhood and the way she was raised, she was raised very strictly and learnt that control was everything so her “saving” people and whatnot is her way of controlling her fate and others’. 
  2. How did Alec come to be depressed? Through life, a bit of everything.
  3. Was it something he developed early on? or recently? He never met his mother, rumour has it she just ran away and left him with his dad, who is an alcoholic and then he was bullied at school. So it’s kind of something that he developed because of the environment around him.
  4. Is it severe? how severe? At this point in his life, is quite severe. He lives alone, has isolated himself from the world, he lost his dog recently and that was like an emotional trigger that made him remember of all the time someone abandoned him.
  5. why does he kidnap her? Nadira represents everything he doesn’t have. She is confident and successful and like most anti-socials, they have a “grudge against the world”, a grudge against a specific group of people, in Alec’s case is the people who seem to content with themselves, the successful people. He dislikes people having happiness in their lives because he never had it in his. So when he starts going to the therapist, he is not sure why he is going, it’s just an impulse, maybe for attention maybe because he realised it was the right thing to do so he gets to know Nadira and realises how great and happy she is and that angers him and he wants to defy her need to help others, in a way to prove a point.
  6. What is he thinking when she wakes up? He feels like he is proving a point, like in a way saying “I got you what are you going to do now?” and “Now that you’re tied up and vulnerable how are you going to help?” he wants to test her and make her go to her limit and prove a point that she can’t save everyone that not everyone can be saved.


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Name: Nadira Pavlova
Name meaning: Nadira comes from Arabic meaning “One who is rare and hard to find”. Common in Pakistan/India, but also used in Russia
Nicknames: None
Age: 29
How old s/he appears:
Birthdate: 1988.01.13
Zodiac: Capricorn
Element: Earth
Nationality/Race: British-Russian
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Dark Brown/Black
Skin: —–
Body type: ——
Height/weight: 5’3
Facial details:
Sexuality: Asexual
Physical limitations:
Physical advantages:
Clothing/accessories: Mainly just wear smart casual clothing, she works a lot so she incorporated her smart office attire to everyday clothing.

Mother: Nadira’s mother is a lawyer, busy all the time.
Father: Divorced her mother and moved away to Liverpool
Siblings: One sister who still lives with her mother (2o y/o), one brother who moved to Australia 6 years ago
Birth order: She’s the middle sibling, her sister is the youngest and her big brother is his early 30s.
Pets: Had a bunch of goldfishes a while ago but they die easily because she’s never home
Close friends: During her university years she had a few close friends but as she developed professionally she grew apart from everyone and by the time she had her own practise she doesn’t even get invited to places.
Nemeses: Her manager in the last place she worked,
Significant other:
Other relevant people:
Liked or disliked?: A bit disliked by her ex-colleague because of

Skilled at:
Unskilled at:
Trait s/he wishes s/he had:

Temperament: Choleric-Phlegmatic
Good habits:
Bad habits: thinking she can help everyone
Positive traits:
Negative traits:
Proud of:
Embarrassed by:
Angered by:
Calmed by:
Most at ease when:
Ill at east when:
Soft spot:

In a crisis:
Under pressure:
In awkward social situations:
Can s/he keep a secret?:
Independent or needy?:
People are inherently…:
Spiritual beliefs:
Day or night?:
Pessimist or optimist?:
Big picture or small details?:

Important events in life:
Short-term goals/hopes:
Long-term goals/hopes:
How s/he feels about self:


More Questions about the Characters

1. How does your character think of their father? What do they hate and love about him? What influence – literal or imagined – did the father have?

2. Their mother? How do they think of her? What do they hate? Love? What influence – literal or imagined – did the mother have?

3. Brothers, sisters? Who do they like? Why? What do they despise about their siblings?

4. What type of discipline was your character subjected to at home? Strict? Lenient?

5. Were they overprotected as a child? Sheltered? Neither were overprotected as children

6. Did they feel rejection or affection as a child?

7. What was the economic status of their family?

8. How does your character feel about religion?

9. What about political beliefs?

10. Is your character street-smart, book-smart, intelligent, intellectual, slow-witted?

11. How do they see themselves: as smart, as intelligent, uneducated?

12. How does their education and intelligence – or lack thereof – reflect in their speech pattern, vocabulary, and pronunciations?

13. Did they like school? Teachers? Schoolmates?

14. Were they involved at school? Sports? Clubs? Debate? Were they unconnected?

15. Did they graduate? High-School? College? Do they have a PHD? A GED?

16. What does your character do for a living? How do they see their profession? What do they like about it? Dislike?

17. Did they travel? Where? Why? When?

18. What did they find abroad, and what did they remember?

19. What were your character’s deepest disillusions? In life? What are they now?

20. What were the most deeply impressive political or social, national or international, events that they experienced?

21. What are your character’s manners like? What is their type of hero? Whom do they hate?

22. Who are their friends? Lovers? ‘Type’ or ‘ideal’ partner?

23. What do they want from a partner? What do they think and feel of sex?

24. What social groups and activities does your character attend? What role do they like to play? What role do they actually play, usually?

25. What are their hobbies and interests?

26. What does your character’s home look like? Personal taste? Clothing? Hair? Appearance?

27. How do they relate to their appearance? How do they wear their clothing? Style? Quality?

28. Who is your character’s mate? How do they relate to him or her? How did they make their choice?

29. What is your character’s weaknesses? Hubris? Pride? Controlling?

30. Are they holding on to something in the past? Can he or she forgive?

31. Does your character have children? How do they feel about their parental role? About the children? How do the children relate?

32. How does your character react to stress situations? Defensively? Aggressively? Evasively?

33. Do they drink? Take drugs? What about their health?

34. Does your character feel self-righteous? Revengeful? Contemptuous?

35. Do they always rationalize errors? How do they accept disasters and failures?

36. Do they like to suffer? Like to see other people suffering?

37. How is your character’s imagination? Daydreaming a lot? Worried most of the time? Living in memories?

38. Are they basically negative when facing new things? Suspicious? Hostile? Scared? Enthusiastic?

39. What do they like to ridicule? What do they find stupid?

40. How is their sense of humor? Do they have one?

41. Is your character aware of who they are? Strengths? Weaknesses? Idiosyncrasies? Capable of self-irony?

42. What does your character want most? What do they need really badly, compulsively? What are they willing to do, to sacrifice, to obtain?

43. Does your character have any secrets? If so, are they holding them back? Alec keeps his family a secret, he keeps a lot of secrets over the smallest things. Nadira just doesn’t them talk much about her life, she likes to keep her life a secret.

44. How badly do they want to obtain their life objectives? How do they pursue them? Alec doesn’t have life objectives, he is not the hard working type, he just wants to survive. Nadira will do anything to obtain what she wants.

45. Is your character pragmatic? Think first? Responsible? All action? A visionary? Passionate? Quixotic? —–

46. Is your character tall? Short? What about size? Weight? Posture? How do they feel about their physical body? *answered above*

47. Do they want to project an image of a younger, older, more important person? Does they want to be visible or invisible? Alec likes to pretend to say he is invisible, misunderstood and prefers to be alone but in reality he likes attention and him saying “I don’t want attention” is his way of seeking attention. He also thinks he is very mature while in reality he acts like a teenager. While Nadira acts older then she is, she is confident in her self, she knows she is successful and important and she shows it.

48. How are your character’s gestures? Vigorous? Weak? Controlled? Compulsive? Energetic? Sluggish? Nadira’s actions are controlled, no matter what she does it seems calculated and thought through while Alec is impulsive, everything he does seems intense and powerful from the way he walks to the way he grabs a piece of paper, but sometimes there is a certain vulnerability to him.

49. What about voice? Pitch? Strength? Tempo and rhythm of speech? Pronunciation? Accent? —–

50. What are the prevailing facial expressions? Sour? Cheerful? Dominating? Nadira doesn’t show emotions, she does feel them but doesn’t know how to express as that’s how she was raised every time she cried or got angry or reacted her mom would punish her for being emotional so she just stopped showing them which later developed into just not knowing how to show them. On the other hand Alec likes to pretend he doesn’t have emotions and tries to keep his facial expressions to a minimum, but there is this certain arrogance in his face and sometimes he likes to look “insane” just to scare people.


** Photos taken from Pinterest. Photo of “Alec”, I couldn’t find the original source. Photo of “Nadira” is of Christina Nadin (

Questions and templates taken from: Tumblr &


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