Unit 5 & 6 1.2: Written Proposal

Project Title: Inside The Box



Section 1: Project Concept 
For this project, I’m going to produce a short film about a murderer who labels himself as a psychopath, who kidnaps yet another person to add to his list of victims but this victim is different from his previous ones. Instead of begging for life with screams and pleads, she questions his actions and remains calm at the face of danger. This infuriates him and even drives him to the point of madness but he can’t bring himself to kill her soon they develop an almost friendship, her apathy to situation both confuse him and bring feelings of compassion that he has never known. Every day that passed she questioned his actions almost like she was his therapist until one day her poised and stoic appearance and her sharp daring words finally drove him to total madness and in a moment of irrational passion, his internal fight comes to a halt and he does what she was so assured he wouldn’t – kills her. After killing her, the guilt kills him and he tries to show how sorry he is in the most macabre way possible by delivering a part of her body to the family in a box with a note saying “I’m sorry”.

I’m not particularly influenced by a specific film, director or story that I could name but rather a conversation I heard my mom have when I was a kid to a friend about a film that had a somewhat similar ending to mine and it just stuck in my head and as I grew up it lead me to develop that concept into my own story.

Section 2: Project Review
 I chose this idea for various reasons, one of them was because it’s an idea I’ve had for a while; another reason is because I think it’s a good idea for a film that will intrigue and maybe even shock people and I have not seen a similar idea in a film before, of the same genre, yes but not this particular idea so I thought it’d be a good idea and even though it might seem complex I wanted to take the challenge as practice for bigger projects.

To achieve this first I’ll have to do research on other short films to see how I will fit a feature length idea in only 5 minutes. I will also carry out questionnaires and surveys and if I have enough time a focus group to see how people feel about the story and if it’s too shocking. I will also have to a script, a storyboard, moodboards and other pre-production documents such as the treatment, location recces, etc.

Section 3: Evaluation
When explained seems like it could be a longer film then it can be because of all the detail and this will be the biggest challenge I will have to face; but to avoid going over the length limit I will use voice over narration instead of dialogue so the scenes can be a lot shorter and simpler because there is no dialogue

Another challenge I’ll be facing has to do with the constrains of this brief, it can’t feature any extreme violence or weapon but to solve this problem no graphic violence or weapons will be shown; I will make the audience know what happens by suggestion instead of literally showing the audience what’s happening.


Proposed Research Sources   
As part of my research, I’ll be carrying questionnaires and a survey to find out people’s favourite genres and what do they like in a film or what they classify as offensive. I will also research other short films, especially horror and psychological thrillers and 5-minute-long films to see how other people fit this type of genre in such a short space of time.

Furthermore, I’ll also be looking into camera and editing techniques to make my short film better as well as other technical film terminology and techniques.


Word Document: project-proposal


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