Unit 5-6 1.2: Questionnaires & Surveys

As part of my research I carried out questionnaires (short-film-questionnaire) and an online survey (www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/L6H5LRP), with the results from the writing questionnaires I did this on Piktochart with some of the information I gathered:


I didn’t put all the information so it wouldn’t get too long and decided to write it on a post.

From the information I gathered it was all inconclusive, not everyone took the questionnaires seriously and gave unhelpful answers like one person answer that their least favourite film genre is “happiness” and another person said that they class”romance” as offensive.

In total 20 people filled the questionnaires, 10 people were female, 6 males and 3 people identified as “Other” and one person did not answer. The age of the people that took the questionnaires ranged from 18 to 30+, but the majority were 18-21 years olds.

The majority of people find racism offensive in films specially as a “comedic devise” but another said that it was ok if it was used for satire, on the top most offensive things in films were also sexism, discrimination and others. One person said something that I think is very relevant to my theme: “Show people being killed instead of leaving it to the imagination”. Another person wrote specific films like “Clockwork Orange” and “12 Years a Slave”, when thinking about it I understood why someone would find “Clockwork Orange” a bit offensive because it has strong sensitive themes and it’s set in the UK so it affects the audience a lot more then if it was set in another country but the more I thought about it “12 Years a slave” classed as offensive doesn’t make much sense but it’s interesting to know someone would find offensive.

Someone else put “If someone was going to talk about different religions, comparing them to others” and a few people classed stereotypes as offensive, specially if it doesn’t have a reason or context. Other interesting answers to this question included “(…) something that isn’t suitable based on target audience e.g swearing when its aimed at 12 and under” and “I would class prejudice or racism as offensive. Also sensitive topics that have been produced the wrong way.”

When asked what genres/themes they would avoid watching, the genre that people tend to avoid is Horror, even though it’s also the favourite genre, because it’s too scary, someone said that they avoid watching “jumpscare” horror film because they are predictable. Other genres/themes people avoid historical films because they are boring and a lot of people didn’t avoid anything. Another common answer was romantic comedies and romance because it’s “too generic and conventional” and “boring with the same plot line”. Other answers included sci-fi, musicals (2 people), fantasy and action. But among the 20 questionnaires there were two interesting answers:  “Romance, a heterosexual and non diverse dominated game” and someone that wrote “feminism cos it bs” then crossed it and wrote “nah not really”.

The last question was “How do you feel about psychological thrillers?”, 9 people answered positively and enjoy watching them, 4 people were neutral about it and one person showed interest. Three people answered N/A, another didn’t know and one person’s answer was unreadable.


Online Survey Results







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