Unit 5-6 1.2: ReMoved, The Pigman & The Open Door: Short Films Analysis

(part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I1fGmEa6WnY)

Duration: 12:47 Minutes

Directed: Nathanael Matanick

“Originally created for the 168 Film Festival, ReMoved follows the emotional story through the eyes of a young girl taken from her home and placed into foster care.”

We made ReMoved with the desire that it would be used to serve in bringing awareness, encourage, and be useful in foster parent training, and raising up foster parents.”

Audience | Representation | Genre | Narrative | Ideology | Audio & Visuals

  • Audience: Anyone above 16, but I think it was more aimed at 18/20+ because they are usually the type to go to film festivals (since this short film it was created for it), and they would be the people that can do something about it. But in general I think this was aimed at everyone, anyone that knows someone that is in this situation and could help, foster parents, etc. It was created as an educational/awareness short film.
  • Representation: Child abuse, foster care.
  • Genre: Drama/Tragedy/Short Film
  • Narrative: ???
  • Ideology: “The ReMoved Films are being created with the intent to bring light to the often unknown subjects of Foster Care and Child Abuse/Neglect. The films educate those who are learning, while simultaneously identifying with those who understand all too well. (…) Our goal is that these films would serve as a key tool in raising up and training good foster parents, social workers, court-appointed special advocates, and the many other adults who interact with children in foster care. To that end, we encourage foster care related agencies and organizations to use the film in their training, outreach, and fundraising endeavors.”
  • Audio & Visuals: Since the story could easily make a feature length film, as it shows a lot of events taking place, they used narration rather then dialogue to tell the story and fit more into it. But at some points you can hear faint conversations, screams, sounds while the main character is telling the story.


How can it help me with my project?  The way they use narration to tell a feature length story in just 13 minutes. After watching this I thought that the only way I’d fit my story into 5-10 minutes, was to do it similar to this short film and use narration to tell the story rather then dialogue. So the audience will be aware of what it’s going on by the context of the monologue of the narrator the visuals.

Duration: 5:38 Minutes

Directed: Jai Cunnington


“A man wakes up at an abandoned campsite in the middle of the woods with no recollection of who he is, or how he got there. Confusion turns to fear as he realises he isn’t alone.

A tale of the Hunter becoming the Hunted. Will the man make the right decision? Or will he be trapped in an endless purgatory forever, always making the wrong decisions just as he did in his past life.”

Audience | Representation | Genre | Narrative | Ideology | Audio & Visuals

  • Audience: 16+ Students, specially people who like films or study them.
  • Representation: ????????
  • Genre: Psychological Thriller/ Short Film
  • Narrative: This short film follows a non-linear narrative, as it goes back in the time and it seems like he is in a loop, it seems like it has a closed ending but I think it’s an open ending because there is no definitive “The End”. What happens to him? Is he really dead? Did he carry living on that loop of hiding from his “monster” and then killing it, becoming it and then watching himself kill himself?
  • Ideology: I think the ideology of this short film is up to interpretation, like with every psychological thriller it can have many meanings and ideologies.
  • Audio & Visuals: Since it’s a thriller short film, it relied on silence to create suspense, apart from the occasional dialogue as well sound effects (footsteps, etc.) to make create more anticipation and leave you on the edge of your seat.


How can it help me with my project? The way they fit the story in 5 odd minutes, how they told the story in only 5 minutes. I love the way they’ve done it to create anticipation and tension to make it like a true thriller but what’s more amazing is how they fit it in only 5 minutes.


Duration: 5:24 Minutes

Directed: Dan Allen

“When Naomi returns home, she leaves the front door open in a moment of haze. The slice of cucumber – obscured vision. Ignorance? Within this moment her nightmare’s are realized as someone enters the house. Or do they?”

While I was looking at other shorts film by Dan Allen, I found this one on Youtube from his student days and I thought I would use it as research because it’s of similar genre as the one I plan to do and also around the same duration.

Audience | Representation | Genre | Narrative | Ideology | Audio & Visuals

  • Audience: Students, 15+, film students, film enthusiasts
  • Representation:
  • Genre: Thriller/Short Film
  • Narrative: This short film has a non linear narrative because it has different “timelines” the way it goes from the dream realm to real life and it also has a very open ending.
  • Ideology:
  • Audio & Visuals: When it’s in the “dream” everything is black and white, and then when  it’s in reality, it’s all very dark with blue tones.


How can it help me with my project? Again the way they told the story in such a short time, it also is of similar genre.


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