Unit 5-6 1.1 : Analysing the Problem – Brief Summary (+ Initial Ideas)

What is the purpose of the brief?

“The purpose is for you to investigate, apply and ultimately evaluate the basic principles behind visual and audio production and technology. It will give you the opportunity to utilize the production knowledge and skills already gained from previous practical projects into the making of a short film of Documentary. This project will enable you to implement your creativity and skills as you embark on a journey into film-making while working in key production roles.”

What are the key requirements of the client?

The client is the BBC, a major broadcasting company based in the UK established in 1922 by John Reith. The BBC is the world’s oldest national broadcasting organisation,[3] and is the largest broadcaster in the world by number of employees, with over 20,950 staff in total.

The key requirements of the BBC is for the short film or documentary to be between 5 to a maximum of 10 minutes. Another key requirement is that it cannot feature weapons, drugs or suicide-based themes or any offensive material. And the music featured in the film has to original or royalty free.

What are the constraints on the project?

It can’t feature any suicide based themes, weapons, drugs or offensive material. Other constraints might be things like limit budget, healthy & safety measures, duration of the short film/documentary and the deadline.

Legal and Ethical Problems

Legal problems one might encountered with this project might be music copyright, plagiarizing others work, permissions for locations and actor’s agreements and contracts must be respected and follow the ethic code. Other problems might include the nature of the theme of the short film, it might be sensitive to some people and you have to make sure that its ethical, politically correct and not offensive to anyone. (“Offensive content” like it says in the brief”) The representation of characters and locations is important and it also has to be free from offensive content and stereotypes that might offend a certain group of people or community.

How all of this applies to my project:
  1. My first idea when explained seems like it could be a feature length in a film because of all the detail but if I simplify the story a bit more, plan my shots properly and cut dialogue and tell the story using narration then I believe I can make it in 5 to 10 minutes. As for the constrains of this brief, even though the theme of this idea might be gruesome maybe even disturbing and the main character dies towards the end, there will be no graphic violence or weapons will be shown; I will make the audience know this by suggestion instead of literally showing the audience what’s happening. The theme might be a bit disturbing to some people but not to the point of offensive someone or being offensive, when writing the script or casting actors I will make sure to not rely on stereotypes that might offend someone or represent anyone the wrong way. For things like copyrighted music, I will either use a royalty free background music or use music that was published 70+ years ago because that’s when music loses its copy right.
  2. If I were to go with this idea, it’d be very hard to not feature weapons or drugs as to make the audience understand the Cubans reaction to Fidel’s death I’d have to show the situation that Cuba got to thanks to him and why Cubans would have such a happy reaction to his death. Drugs and weapons are part of everyday life in South America, it’s the way of living and when the country is at its worst people go to all extremes to survive. But if I were to go with this idea, I could do the same as for the idea above, suggest violence, drugs and weapons without actually showing them. But then the subject of this documentary could offend people, and is a sensitive subject as it involves politics as well, for this reason this project may not be very realistic for this brief. To make it truly like a documentary, I can’t just use anyone for the documentary I’d have to use real Cubans who know about the situation and have experienced Cuba when Fidel Castro was in power which is something that is very hard to find here in the UK and if I were to use actors, I’d still need Cuban actors to make justice to the community and make it realistic, or it might offend someone. Even using actors might offend someone or not have a good reception.
  3. This idea is the one that I can fit in the shortest amount the time, so it won’t go over the time limit. It doesn’t feature any offensive content or violence either and it meets all the requirements but it’s not a great idea.

Initial Ideas

1st Idea

A short film about a murderer who labels himself as a psychopath, who kidnaps yet another person to add to his list of victims but this victim is different from his previous ones. Instead of begging for life, she questions his doing, instead of screams and pleads, she remains calm at the face of danger. this infuriates him and even drives him to the point of madness, with a constant struggle in his head on what’s right and what’s wrong, she questions every action he has ever done. She questions even he truly is a psychopath or if he is just a child throwing a big tantrum because he didn’t get what he wanted out of society and life, is he just rebelling against the world and pretending he doesn’t feel any emotions?

Soon they develop a strange relationship close to friendship, his feelings of compassion slowly showing which drives him even more to the edge, he doesn’t comprehend the way she is, how can she remain so calm?

One day, her poised and stoic appearance and her sharp daring words finally drove him to total madness and in a moment of irrational passion,  his internal fight comes to a halt and he does what she was so assured he wouldn’t – kills her.

After killing her, he starts to show some kind of remorse and guilt but thinks he is too far gone in his own madness to repent, he believes that he is incapable of feeling because if he did feel he wouldn’t have killed her. In the end, the guilt kills him and he tries to show how sorry he is in the most macabre way possible, he delivers a part of her body to the family in a box with a note saying “I’m sorry” and leaves.

2nd Idea

A documentary about how the death of Fidel Castro affects Cubans, and how they reacted to it. On the day that Castro died, many Cubans celebrated it as if it was Christmas, outsiders looked down on Cubans for doing so but what they didn’t know was the true suffering behind close doors, the pains that Fidel Castro made Cubans go through and the real reason why they celebrated his death the way they did.

3rd Idea

A short film about two strangers who bump into each other in the middle of the street, in the process their phones fall to the ground and they end up picking up the wrong one. When they get home and realize that it’s not their phone, they remember about the event and decide to message their own phone number in order to recover their phone.




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