Type of Research and How it applies to my Project

Primary Research is research that you carry out on your own and get original data from. An example of this would be to carry out surveys, phone interviews or focus groups. For my project I choose to carry out surveys. Blah blah reasons why I carried out surveys = easier and people are more likely to let you interview them and write down the results then record them or answer the phone. I also didn’t have a lot of people that were available to do a focus group. And when I was carrying out research, the video was yet to be edited.

Secondary Research is research you get from seconds, like when you research a topic online, or in a book, magazine – that’s secondary research. In my project, I watched Youtube videos, read blogs and articles to gather information about traveling, travel vlogs and journalism.

Quantitative Research is research that produces data and information that you can count and measure. It involves both primary and secondary techniques. An example of quantitative research would be charts, diagrams or charts. For my research after gathering my primary research, I put everything in charts and graphs to know how many people liked travel vlogs, how many people watched youtube and how old they were to see if it had any relation.

Qualitative Research is a very important type of research within the industry, it produces information about opinions, views and preferences. It is used to find out how people feel about a particular product or concept. When i carried out my questionnaires, I also asked for people’s opinions on traveling and what do they like about vlogs.


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