1. The video will start with two girls walking across a bridge that has one of Amsterdam’s most famous canals running underneath, the sun shines bright as a title saying “Interrail 2016” shows up on screen.
  2. Second scene shows, from my point of view, a market in Amsterdam while a cyclist dressed in white is walking past.
  3. The scene quickly morphs into a shot of plants at the market.
  4. Then you can see again the same bridge over the canals from scene one, except from another angle, there are bicycles in focus.
  5. A woman rides past on her bicycle as the scene changes to a close up of some orange flowers, two things that represent Netherlands – bicycles and orange.
  6. The 6th scene shows the scenery of the journey between Netherlands to Germany on the train.
  7. You can see my feet as I’m walking through the Jewish Memorial.
  8. Walking through the jewish memorial from my point of view.
  9. A tattoo covered face street performer, with the loveliest smile playing a big music box, in the Brandeburg Gate in Berlin.
  10. A shot of the French square in Berlin, then it shows a couple that I met on walking tour taking photos of it.
  11. A walkthrough shot of the Berlin wall that is at the topography of horror which then changes to a shot of the full museum. Then you can see people looking at the outdoor exposition of the topography of horror
  12. This scene shows a station full of graffiti, looking like it has been vandalised through the years, in the East side of Berlin.
  13. A street performer juggling in the middle of the streets while the people in the cars watch, waiting for the light to go green.
  14. A shot of the East side gallery.
  15. Walking to a hidden place close to the East Side Gallery.
  16. Opening door of the place I was staying in Berlin, from my point of view.
  17. A shot of a park with Prague in the background.
  18. Someone shooting with their phone a bug on the side walk.
  19. Walking down the park with Prague in the background.
  20. You can see the crowds surrounding the astronomical clock.
  21. A shot of the Astronomical clock in Prague.
  22. A square in prague.
  23. Man springling sugar into a fire that is cooking a traditional Czech pastry. Then it changes to a shot of some people I met in Prague, Charlie, Zen recording the man as well and then Sannath looking at the man.
  24. Charlie and Sannath, friends I met while travelling in Prague, laughing as the waitress brings the drinks, in a bar/restaurant in a cave.
  25. Clinking glasses together with a candle lit nearby.
  26. Everyone is laughing. Then Charlie is waving at the camera.
  27. In this scene, you can see me through the mirror shooting with my DSLR
  28. In the mirror maze, everyone is having fun as they see funny disfigured versions of themselves in the mirrors.
  29. Someone with a big bubble making tool as people are playing with the bubbles.
  30. Walking through Charle’s bridge, you can see people walking past and stands of artists with their drawings.
  31. A street performer in Charle’s bridge, playing some type of metal drum.
  32. Walking to a market in Prague, you can see my friend from the back.
  33. A close up of things I found in a market, souvenirs. Then it goes a close of typical Czech puppets hanging from a stand.
  34. The next shot shows a couple of the people I met in Prague, one was waving excitedly to the camera, then another friend is smiling with his arms crossed and lastly another friend shyly smiles at the camera. As it cuts to black and it morphs to another scene of a crowded street in Prague.
  35. As we walk into a cafe, there’s a man playing piano with his assistant by himself. Then the assistant walks towards us and hands out leaflets for us.
  36. The scene changes to a shot of a wall in Venice then it shows the group of people I was with.
  37. View of the beach and road from the car, then it shows the people in the car.
  38. At the beach, it shows two girls, smiling, shooting with a GoPro camera, drinking and having fun.
  39. Then you can see a small pool with a fountain in a park in Vienna.
  40. Now the video goes to the streets of Athens, fabrics hanging from the ceiling swaying in the wind, then you can see jewellery displayed in stands. Antiques displayed on the streets, people walking through the streets and stands with Greek souvenirs in the background.
  41. Another street in Athens, with people walking past, taxis and cars.
  42. From outside of shop with spices and herbs.
  43. Then it cuts to black and it reads “Bonus” and then you can see a group of 3 street performers, playing with their guitars and cello, with a historical cite full of ruins of an ancient Rome in the background.



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