3 Week Project Write Up

Final Product


Write Up


For the 3 week project inspired by an auteur or movement, rather than choosing one auteur or movement as inspiration, we choose 3 great auteurs with distinct feature that when put together make the video more unique. My first idea was based on Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho, specifically the last scene when Norman Bates is arrested for the murder of countless victims and he is just sat there on a chair, looking normal while the persona of his mother that he invited is actually the one talking in his mind. This made me think of how a person looks versus how they think, what’s on their mind, so someone can look pure and innocent while having the darkest thoughts. No one knows what’s going on in a person’s mind, and that was one of the main concepts with this video. Another inspiration behind it was one of the most ambitious auteurs of our era who likes to capture the worst and the best of life, Darren Aronofsky, his films always have one thing in common which is the focus on the actor’s eyes, in films like “Requiem for a dream” where he shots fast paced close ups of drug use and pupils dialating. The fast paced shots is also similar to the infamous “tape” from the other inspiration for this short 20-second video, The Ring originally directed and created by Hideo Nakata but then adapted by Gore Verbinsky who directed an American remake of the classic.

The first scene of our 20 second video was inspired by the last scene in psycho where Norman in sat on the chair, everything else that happens in it is the product of the imagination, dreams or fantasies. Which was inspired by The Ring “tape” that supposedly kills someone if they watch it, in that “tape” it shows a series of scenes of trees, scenery, animals and a lot of disturbing images. We tried to recreate it without copying it while adding some extra scenes of our own creation. The “tape” uses a lot of horses but instead of horses we used donkeys which was what was available to us and the infamous tape also featured more gruesome scenes and we didn’t want to resort to any type of animal cruelty nor we had permission to get too close to the animals. Also we didn’t have the resources for special effects, and we wanted to also follow Alfred Hitchcock’s logic on how horror doesn’t have to be graphic like he said “There is no terror in the bang, only in the anticipation of it.” So we used music to create suspense and anticipation and cut it when the audience expected for something gruesome to happen or something to jump out of the screen. Another thing that we used to resemble Psycho was to make the video monochromatic.

Like I mentioned before Aronofsky was one of our other inspirations for this video, we tried to recreate his style in two occasions by putting a lot of emphasis in the emotions through the eyes. In the alleyway scene, it starts with a focus of my face, we tried to aim for the eyes but the camera we were using in that moment (Linta’s) didn’t have a very good zoom and focus so the camera kept going in and out of focus but then when cutting it we realised it was actually a good thing and used it to our advantage. We cut scenes from in between the shot so it would look like the camera was changing focus and moving from place to place, a techniques that has been used in both Darren Aronofsky’s films and The Ring, it gives a feel of illusion, something that is not quite real.

This short video is aimed at people who enjoy watching the horror genre, as well as thrillers and suspense. I think this kind of video would be more appaling and suitable for those of the 16+ age group, as a younger audience might not enjoy it as much or might scare them as the video is in the horror/suspense/mystery genre.

It has an open non linear narrative, as it doesn’t follow a particular time line or specific plot apart from the concept of “What lays inside someone’s mind”; they are supposed to be memories or visions and is open to interpretation. Some would find symbolism in the use of water in the videos, which they could relate to something from their own life or they could associate it with the depth of the human mind. Others could interpret it in a different way, the concept behind it might be “The Human Mind” but the audience will choose to see it however they like.







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