Black Hole VS Little Miss Sunshine

Audience | Representation | Genre | Narrative | Ideology

  • Audience: When I first watched the video, I thought this was more aimed at University students and film enthusiasts. Students because they are most likely to watch these type of independent videos and symbolic short films. And film enthusiasts because of the same reason, a film enthusiast would enjoy watching it because they love films and enjoy understanding the symbolism and create theories behind it.
  • Representation: In this short film, they represent human greed and office workers. In a way it reinforces stereotypes that people that work in office are greedy and way too ambitious, this of course could be taken in a negative or constructive way. But mainly constructive it shows, in a fictional fantasy way, the extent of greed and how far people are willing to go and the consequences for it.
  • Genre: Science-fiction
  • Narrative: It’s an open single stranded linear narrative because it has an open very vague ending yet it has a beginning, middle and end and is centred around one main character.
  • Ideology: There’s a message behind this short film, that everything has a consequence and everyone gets what they deserve in the end. Some people would call it karma.




  • Audience: Kids 6 to 12 and families. The film’s story is based around family so it would appeal to families. It’s also fun and quirky so it appeals to little kids.
  • Representation: It represents Beauty Pageants, it shows what a stereotypical pageant would look like with a non-stereotypical contestant, the juries reaction are negative. It questions beauty pageants too, the way little girls are “sexualised” and “too mature”, in a way, yet people find it normal but when a little girl actually dresses provocatively and dances sexually, they frown upon. In the film, they represent a non-stereotypical dysfunctional family. From an autistic teenage brother, to the mentally unstable uncle, as well as the marriage of the parents falling apart. But they use a lot of stereotypes to represent them and the way they look and act.
  • Genre: Family film/Comedy
  • Narrative: Closed linear narrative. It has definitive ending (Olive loses the beauty pageant)and it has a beginning middle and end.
  • Ideology: The film is centred around family and the concept of family. And how love and unity can bring people together.

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