Representation – Film Poster Analysis

In this poster for the 2001 Legally Blonde directed by Robert Luketic, shows the main character, who is as the title says, a blonde girl. But not just any blonde girl but the stereotypical Hollywood version of a blonde girl, dressed in pink with a chihuahua dog. If these stereotypes did not exist we would just look at the character and think “Oh she’s just a girl dressed in pretty pink clothes with a dog!” but since these stereotypes exist our mind sees the fact that she’s blonde, sees the pink clothing the chihuahua dog and all we can think about is “she’s probably dumb and superficial”. In Hollywood they tend to use this image a lot, the blonde girl with a handbag dog, dressed in pink and acts completely superficial and dumb and this is very negative because it stereotypes a whole group of women with a certain hair colour. In the background, you can see university students, all looking shocked and disgusted in a way at the main character’s self. They are holding books, dressed in blue who has connotations of calmness and professionalism which one usually associates with being smart and educated. So we have two contrasting type of characters in this poster, the dumb girl and the smart group of people. If you watch the film, they use stereotypes to break them. The main character is what one would call a stereotypical Hollywood “dumb blonde” but in the film she is shown then enrolling into law school to break stereotypes and show that she can be more then just a pretty blonde. So even though the film reinforces stereotypes it also breaks them down.


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