Newspaper/Magazine Analysis (Task)

Escapism Magazine

An UK based travel magazine, according to their website they are the biggest independent travel magazine in the UK. It’s free and you can pick it up from a few locations across the UK.

“Escapism is the free, monthly travel title that takes readers away from urban life and transports them around the globe; from close-to-home hideaways to far-flung tropical escapes. With 105,000 copies distributed throughout London and beyond, Escapism is the country’s largest independent travel magazine.” – Escapism Magazine website

The magazine features photography, articles and travel guides.



The magazine is at, of course, people that enjoy travelling or dream of doing so, it features guides on what to wear for certain locations, it has articles about the travels of the writers which can be used as inspiration for the reader. The magazine doesn’t seem to be aimed for a specific “social class” as the magazine is free , which might be because people who tend to travel a lot are not necessarily rich but the majority are backpackers who like to wonder and find adventure at a minimal cost. The adverts and products featured in the magazine range from different prices so this makes it very ambiguous when it comes to what type of “social class” is aimed at. The magazine is straight forward and minimalistic, yet the articles are complex and full of detailed, this makes one think that it is aimed at younger adults. (20s to early 30s). It also doesn’t seem to be aimed at any gender in specific, just people who enjoy travelling.


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