Shot List [Europe in 3 Weeks]

Shot Number Visuals Sound Information Additional Information
1  WS. Amsterdam street/canals. People passing by.  Background music: K. Safo & Alex Skrindo – Future Vibes (ft. Stewart Wallace) [NCS Release]
2  WS. Market in Amsterdam. Cyclist in focus. People around.
3  MS. Plants and flowers. Market. Amsterdam.
4  WS. Bicycles in Amsterdam. Canals.
5 WS. Street in Amsterdam. People cycling.  
6  CU. Flower.
7  EWS. On the train. Netherlands to Germany. Nature.
 8 POV. Legs. Walking in the Jewish Memorial. Berlin.
 9 POV. Jewish Memorial in Berlin. Walking across it.
10  WS. Street performer. Berlin. Something gate.
 11  VWS. French Square ??? in Berlin.
 12  MS. People from the Tour I was taking. Tour guide. Berlin.
 13  POV. Berlin Wall in the Topography of Horror Museum. Berlin
 14  WS. TOH Museum.
15  POV. People looking at the outdoor exposition. TOH Museum. Berlin.
 16  POV. Outside Train Station. East Side Berlin.
 17 WS. Street performer. In front of cars.
 18  CU. Berlin Wall at the East Side Gallery. Berlin.
 19  POV. Walking.
20  POV. Opening door.
 21  EWS. Prague.
 22  CU. Someone taking a photo of an insect.
 23  POV. Walking down a hill.
 24  WS. Street in Prague.
25  WS. Astronomical clock. Prague.
 26  VWS. Square in Prague.
 27  MS. Person making traditional czech desert/snack.
 28  MCU. Friends.
 29  MS. With friends, all sat in a table. Candlelight. Location: bar in a cave. Waitress comes to bring drinks.
30  MCU. Friends laughing.
 31  CU. Glasses clinking together. Cheers.
 32  MCU. ‘Charlie’ saying hello to the camera.
 33  MS. Mirror shows me with the camera.
 34  MS. In a mirror museum.
35  WS. Children playing with giant bubbles.
 36  POV. Walking Charles’ Bridge. Prague
 37  WS. Street Performer.
 38  OSS. Walking around a market in Prague.
 39  CU. Things in the Market.
40  CU. Puppets.
 41  MS. Friend waving at the camera.
 42 MCU. Another friend smiling at the camera.
43  MCU. Another friend smiling at the camera.
 44  POV. Walking around Prague. People everywhere.
45  WS. Man playing piano.
 46  WS. Assistant handing out leaflets.
 47  CA. Wall and then friends.
 48  MS. In the car. Shows environment as the car is on the move. Then the camera moves and shows people inside the car. Rome.
 49  CU. Friend inside the car.
50 Two-Shot. Girls sat at the beach. Sunset. Rome
 51  MS. Girl shooting with action camera.
 52  MS. Friend smiling at the camera.
 53  WS. Gardens in Vienna.
 54  MCU. Fabrics hanging from the ceiling. Markets in Athens.
55  MS. Things in markets.
 56  MS. Antiques in markets.
57  POV. Walking around the markets.
 58  WS. Streets in Athens.
 59  MS. Shot of the inside of a shop with spices from the outside.
60  Cuts to Black. Screen saying “Bonus”  Music fades out.
 61  WS Street Performers. People passing by. Rome in the background.



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