Photoshop Workshop


  1. Open Photoshop, select International Paper because USA has a different magazine sizing so “International Paper” is the one UK uses. Select resolution to 300 so it’s good quality no matter what you do with it. Make the background always white so it’s easier to work on.


2. Open this photo of David Beckham on Photoshop. Drag the tab so the photo it’s on a different tab.


3. Select the magic tool, click on the photo and then go Select, then Inverse.


4. Cut the photo and paste it on your new document.


5. To make it bigger, click Edit >> Transform >> Scale.


6. To make a title, select the Text Tool.


7. Then select the area that you want your text to be.


8. To change the background colour, select the Gradient tool continuously, then select the Paint Bucket tool.


9. Select the colour that you want then click on the background to “paint”.


10. Final outcome of today’s mini workshop on how to use basic photoshop tools to create a magazine cover.



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