3 Weeks in Europe

Proposal, Treatment & Final Outcome



“For my media coursework, I’ll be producing a short montage type video, 3 to 4 minutes long. The video will be following me as I interrail around Europe during 3 weeks from Amsterdam to Athens, and I experience life in 6 different countries, 9 cities and explore the culture. As for genre and style, it’s highly influenced by “vlogs”, a term created in the early 2000s meaning “video blogs” which then became more popular in 2005 with the creation of Youtube.

The purpose for this video it’s mainly to entertain, and inspire the audience to travel and get to know other countries and cultures. My aim is to also give people a little escape from their daily life, something you can watch for 3-4 minutes, after a long day at work or college or even on the way to work, and forget about dull everyday life, something to make you dream and let go of worries. One of the people I interviewed as part of pre-production said that the reason why they watch ‘vlogs’ is to look into the life that they can’t have or can’t afford.

It’s aimed at 17 to late 20s, specially people who enjoy travelling. After researching my audience, with questionnaires and vox pops, I found that under 18s are least likely to travel then over 18s, unless with family but most of the people that enjoy travelling are over 18s therefore most likely to watch travel videos, for inspiration. The reason why I also included 17 year olds because they are closer to being of legal age and most likely to start planning future travels and watch travel videos.

This is a one person project, which means everything is my responsibility and I will be in charge of doing everything, from the recording to the editing and all the pre production.


Final Outcome



For my production piece I decided to create a travel video montage about the 3 weeks I spent travelling around Europe. My main influence and source of inspiration came from Travel vloggers, especially Nadine Sykora, a popular Youtube travel vloggers who inspires people to travel and have fun. From my research I found what makes these short videos so likeable and how they affect people; people watch videos like this to take a peak at someone’s else life and see what they can’t do, to others it inspires them to go out and explore the wonderful side of the world. My aim was to inspire people.
I viewed a lot of videos of the same genre to see the conventions, themes and styles that they used and how I could adapt it to my own project. I found that most of the videos use filters to highlight the bright colours and fun background music to set the fun tone of the video. To avoid infringing any copyright, I researched where I could find non-copyrighted music and eventually I stumbled upon “NoCopyrightSounds”, a youtube channel that posts royalty free music for creators to use in their videos.

The video that I produced entitled “3 Weeks in Europe” was a montage of different videos that I shot across Europe while I was travelling, it shows me doing different things, meeting new people and enjoying summer. My aim was to inspire people to travel and show them what they are missing out by staying in their “comfort size”. When it came to the editing process, it was more difficult then I thought because I had a lot of footage from some places that I went but others there was none (like Verona or Rome) and I even momentarily lost some of the footage from Prague and Vienna, but eventually I managed to recover it.
Another downfall to my production work was the issues that I had with contacting people that featured in the video to get their permission, two of them happened to come visit me so I got them to sign release forms and some others are aware that they featured in the video and consent it but it was hard to get them to sign a release form since they all live in different countries. Also, this was the second time in my life to ever produce a video, before I had no experience in editing. My strengths have always been art or writing, nevertheless I think that it contributed to the video as I was able to see things from a visual perspective. Even though most of the footage was shot while I was travelling, not giving it much thought as I didn’t know if I would do anything with it, I believe it I achieved what I wanted successfully which was to create a video memento about my first time travelling alone that people could enjoy and have fun while watching it . At first I thought I was being too ambitious, to produce something like this, I didn’t know where to start or what to do first. It made things easier that  I already had the footage and the help from my tutors and research helped as well. The only thing that I would do better next time it’s to think more about the shots and what I want to achieve before recording the footage.


** Photo taken by me, edited by me.


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