Journalism Workshop (Writing Stories)

2nd Story

An enormous explosion took place earlier today at Portsmouth’s Spinnaker Tower in one of the lift shafts.

The Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service confirmed to have not only safely evacuated all the 144 people that were on the site at the time of the explosion within 20 minute; as well as evacuating everyone within a 400-meter radius of the tower.

The 560ft £35.6 million Portsmouth landmark, which opened in 2005, was guaranteed a design lifespam of about 80 years.

A witness, Richard Evans, who came with a group of friends from Manchester, stood a few feet from the explosion claims that the explosion was “so loud it nearly knocked me off my feet”.


3rd Story

Spinnaker Tower collapsed and sunk a Whitelink ferry in half, leaving 2 members of staff still missing.

Nearly 2 hours after the earlier explosion at Spinnaker Tower, the tower collapsed, splitting a Whitelink ferry in half along with it. It has been reported that there were no passengers on board as it was out of service but 5 members of staff went missing.

Superintendent David Cunningham then stated that they had found 3 of the staff members, one of them being in critical condition and 2 are still missing.

When the explosion took place earlier at 12:20P.M the Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service stated to have evacuated everyone in the tower and within a 400-meter, that ended up being a 300-meter radius, on land but failed to check for people in the water.

No details have been confirmed about the cause of the explosion nor if it caused the £35.6 million to collapse.


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