Pre-Production & Planning (Definitions)


(A written document detailing what the project is and what it is about. You will give this to a company as a pitch for your project.)

Subject idea; format; genre; style; audience; intended aim; budgetIdea development

Programme concept: 

Target audience ⇨ The audience group that you wish to aim the project at.

Development techniques (Creation of Narrative, Scenario, Sypnosis) ⇨ skills you need to make a certain project.

Research Process ⇨  the process in which you research everything you will need for a project.

Interview Questions ⇨ questions you will ask in an interview.


Primary sources ⇨ Sources that you have yourself for a project.

Contacts ⇨ people that you have asked for research from.

Interviews ⇨ process in which you talk to someone to extract information.

Secondary Sources ⇨ sources which you have gathered from someone else who doesn’t have anything to with the project.

Broadcast ⇨ The way you will show your product to the target audience at hand.

Reviews ⇨  The overview and impressions of the people and the critics.

Internet ⇨ The way to advertise your product and also broadcast it.

Archives ⇨ Where you can store research, early drafts and other versions of the product.

Checking Information ⇨ Checking whether or not the information you have gathered is reliable and reasonable.

Roles Responsibilities :

(What you will be doing and the title of what you are in the project.)

Schedules ⇨  Keeping the time and organisation of the project.

Interview and Contacts ⇨ Interviewing different people for certain roles and giving them a contract so they know the days you are in, where to be and what to do.

Appointments ⇨ Being able to meet with people and schedule certain time frames when to meet them.

Location Access ⇨ Being able to go to certain places at certain times for the project to be filmed there.

Budget ⇨ How much money you have for the equipment and production of the project.

Risk Assessments ⇨  Analysing the location where you will be doing the project to know if any accidents can occur and trying to prevent the accident.








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