Unit 3: Introduction to Proffesional Practise in Creatice Media 


Research about jobs

Director Job Application

I’m writing to apply for the job of Director. I think I’m qualified for this job because of my creative experience in fine art, acting and music which allows me to better understand the creative process behind filmmaking. 

I’m prepared to both take on the challenges that come with the job and working till exhaustion. While much of my experience is creative based and I have little to no experience in directing, I understand what it mean to be a Director,  you need great leadership skills which I believe I have. I’m not afraid to speak up and make decisions as well as say constructive criticism to my fellow colleagues. My acting experience can help me have a better understanding of how acting works so I can guide my actors to deliver a better performance therefore a better production.

But being a leader it’s not just bossing people but it’s listening to my team as well, a good film is not just the story or the visuals, it’s everything. The lightning, the editing, the acting, the story, every single detail is important and as a director; I must listen to the crew and staff. Everyone has a mind of their own, everyone possesses creativity and wiseness which can contribute to the production.

Like Ron Howard said “One of the great things about being a Director as a life choice is that it can never be mastered. Every story has is its own kind of expedition with its own set of challenges” and I’m ready to take on all of the challenges.



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