Magazine Breakfast Show [Evaluation]


This was my very first time creating a similar thing, I’ve never done any sort of media production like this. After talking to the team, it was decided that I was going to direct out little show. Everyone else had some kind of experience in the area except for me. The only thing that was working for me was my knowledge of cameras maybe. So this was a good chance for me to learn more.

We were asked to create a “Magazine Breakfast Show” such as This Morning, Good Morning Britain, Loose Women or Blue Peter. Each team would do a segment that typically appears on Morning shows like this. The choices were Sports, Fashion, News, Celebrities and Politics. Sports were proven to be the least popular and no group chose it. My group ended up doing Celebrities.

Soon the ideas started flowing and it was clear was everyone wanted to do, we started our research; Bella and Alia checked Twitter or other sources for the latest celeb news, from what we gathered most of the latests news are about the Kardashians and then there were “minor news” like One Direction’s Niall’s birthday or Calvin Harris not producing any more music in the future. So we decided to based most of the segment on the Kardashians even having Alia play Kim Kardashian as our special guest.

Our main inspiration were news shows like the ones MTV or E! But we also wanted to make it funny and lighthearted, we mainly just had fun with it. We changed the script probably about 3 times and opted for a guidelines script and make our presentors (Bella and Martin) make up a lot of the dialogue.

To make it more entertaining and enjoyable to watch, we even created each presenter with their distinct personalities: Bella would be playing the expert host who knows her celebrity gossip and then on the contrary will would have Martin playing a more laid back, funny, clueless presentor who didn’t care too much about the gossip. Then we had Alia playing Kim K. which she did perfectly, Martin would be interviewing her and he even wrote the questions. Between us we thought it would be fun to make some “drama” on our segment and have Martin ask her slightly innapropriate blunt questions such as the reason why she got famous was a sex tape and how would that affect her children’s future. Which resulted in our very own Kim Kardashian walk out on the show and Bella, the professional host, nervously carry on with the other news.

First time we filmed it, it didn’t go so well, we didn’t have time to practice so it was first ever take. Overall it was a fail for everyone. I, was not prepared for what the actual responsiblity of a director on set consisted of. One of the cameras as also facing the wrong way, instead of facing on Bella only it was facing on both Martin and Bella and there was no camera on “Kim”, the way we should have done it was one camera on the three of them, one camera on Martin and another on Bella then when Kim came into the set the one that was Bella, go to Kim. Most teams didn’t do so well, so we decided that this would be a rehearsal and on Thursday we would have the proper recording day.

On Thursday things went smoothly, cameras were where they should have been, the presenters knew what they were doing. But when on Friday when we had to edit our footage we realised that audio was terrible, when Alia spoke sincewe only had two mics and one boom mic one Alia but maybe it was close enough, so the audio was terrible specially on one of the cameras. So when editing footage it became hard to put everything together when the best shot was nearly audio-less.

We all decided to edit the videos as individuals and then choose the best one. On the day of editing, Alia, Mason and Lydia (who both on the day of recording were doing the more technical things) were not there so Martin, Bella and me each did our own editings of the segment. Bella didn’t finish hers by the end of the day, and I had finished mine but we chose Martin’s as the one we would show since he had an intro for it and he managed to not use the audio-less videos and he even did a proffesional intro and outro. Me, on the other hand I tried to rescue the audio on those clips but it still wasn’t perfect.

We then showed the whole class our final outcome and got quite a lot of positive comments and how natural it seemed even though it was planned, and how creative it was. The main comments were all on the acting and how great it was from Martin and Alia.

Overral I think we did quite well as team, there might have been some things wrong with it but we managed it. Everyone did an excellent job, specially Martin and Alia who truly got into character. As for my directing, during the pre production I think I did a good job, creating, writing and putting things together. On the rehearsal, I’m afraid I was completely lost and wasn’t sure on what to do it seemed like there wasn’t much I could do since everyone seemed to be doing their jobs. On the actual recording day, it was better, I learnt from my past mistakes of the rehearsal.


Dalia Rodriguez.



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